Leaphorn & Chee: Three Classic Mysteries [First Edition, hardback, 1992]

This is the full and detailed views of the cover of the first edition hardback of Leaphorn & Chee: Three Classic Hillerman Mysteries Featuring Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee. This is an anthology of the three novels featuring both Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee in the Navajo Mystery Series and include: Skinwalkers (1986), A Thief of Time (1988), and Talking God (1989). This edition was published in 1992 by HarperCollins Publishers in New York City, New York.

Design and Photography Credits: The jacket design is by Peter Thorpe and features a Southwestern landscape bounded by two sand painting stylized yei figures. This edition also has two fold-outs, the front fold-out contains a brief synopsis of the anthology and the back fold-out contains a brief biography of Tony Hillerman.