Finding Moon [Second Limited First Edition, hardback, 1995]

This is the full and detailed views of the limited edition slip case and book cover for Finding Moon.The slipcase was designed by Peter Thorpe and features three distinct panels. The first panel on the front cover depicts a man rowing a boat down a river which is bounded by terraced hills on one side and mountains on the other, with a moon rising ahead of him. The panel on the spine depicts an elongated dragon with a lotus style flower in a circle above. Interestingly, the dragon is reminiscent of Navajo style sand paintings, even though this novel does not take place in the Southwest. The back cover panel features a human skull with a leather rope and feathers hanging from the face all within a leafed bounded circle. The book cover consists of tan boards with a dark green cloth spine. The author, title, and publisher are printed vertically in copper on the spine.