Words, Weather and Wolfmen: Conversations with Tony Hillerman [Limited edition, hardback, 1989]

These are the full and detailed views of the dustcover and other hardback covers of Words, Weather and Wolfmen: Conversation with Tony Hillerman, published by The Southwesterner Books in Gallup, New Mexico. This volume was published as a limited edition of 400 copies, 350 of which were numbered and signed and 26 of which were lettered and signed and included an original pen and ink drawing by Ernest Franklin. However, the print run actually produced 410 copies and four different covers (some with slipcovers) were produced.

The dust jacket (shown below) was produced for the 350 signed and numbered copies. These volumes were bound in a light brown leather-like material and were issued in a dust jacket, illustrated by Ernest Franklin. The next cover (shown below) is for the limited illustrated edition which consists of the 26 lettered and signed volumes that contain an original pen and ink drawing. This volume was bound and contained within a slipcase (last picture shown below) of a dark brown leather-like material.

In addition, the first set of twenty-six signed copies were bound with pale greenish yellow boards with a dark brown leather like material used for the spine and were housed in a slipcase of the same color as the boards. These were rejected by Bulow because the color of the boards clashed with the leather colored spines but were distributed as review and presentation copies, some with and some without slipcases. And last, some of the copies were mis-numbered and others left unnumbered. These were bound and put in slipcases of a dark brown (darker than the volumes containing the original drawings) leather-like material. These were labeled as artist proofs and presentation copies.