The Best of the West: An Anthology of Classic Writing from the American West [Advance Reading Copy, paperback, 1991]

The Best of the West: An Anthology of Classic Writing from the American West [Advance Reading Copy, paperback, 1991]



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New York: HarperCollins Publishers

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This is the Advance Reading Copy of The Best of The West: An Anthology of Classic Writing from the American West, edited by Tony Hillerman and published by HarperCollins Publishers in New York City, NY. The cover contains the text "Reviewers are reminded that changes may be made in this proof copy before books are printed. If any material form the book is to be quoted in a review, the quotation should be checked against the final bound book."

In this uncorrected proof the table of contents lists all page numbers as 000 and does not include the author names for the various submissions.

  • Title Page Transcription:
    [double rule] The | BEST | of the | WEST | [rule] | An Anthology of | Classic Writing from | the American West | [rule] | Edited by | TONY HILLERMAN | [double rule]
  • Contents:
    [a] book summary, [b] blank, [i] half title The Best of the West, [ii] blank, [iii] title page, [iv] copyright, [v]-xi Contents, [xii] blank, [xiii]-xvi Introduction, [1]-532 text, [533-534] blank
  • Table of Contents:
    Introduction xiii
    Part 1: In the Beginning . . .
    1. New Mexico's Myster Stone
    2. The Message in the Bottle
    3. Drake's Brass Plaque
    4. The Real Manila Galleon
    5. The Long Way Home
    6. The Stone Thoen Found
    7. Boulders Taller than the Great Tower of Seville
    8. "The Most Sublime Spectacle on Earth"
    9. Fifty Leagues of Silver
    10. Captain José Zúñiga's Report
    11. Are We Prisoners of War?
    12. The Russians in California
    Part 2: The Original Westerners
    13. Ishi, The Last One Left Alive
    14. The Man Who Killed the Deer
    15. The Pacifist Warrior
    16. The Way to Rainy Mountain
    17. Colter's Run
    18. "Can You Blot Out Those Stars?"
    19. "I will Fight No More Forever"
    Part 3: The Navajos
    20. The Murder of Narbona
    21. Barboncito's Plea
    22. The Hogan
    23. Laughing Boy
    24. The Death of Old Man Hat
    Part 4: The Hispanos
    25. The Muleteers
    26. Brother's of the Light
    27. Blessing the Animals
    28. Ramona
    29. A Santa Fe Fandango
    Part 5: Frontier Life
    30. The Burning Bush
    31. A Twenty-Dollar Christmas Ball
    32. Christmas in Round Valley
    33. "A Rather Pretentious Sod House"
    34. "Quite Discouraged and Impatient for His Death . . ."
    35. The Bashful Trapper
    36. "And the Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day"
    37. The $175,000 Sack of Flour
    38. How Americans Get Ahead
    39. J.C. Penney's First Day
    40. Wolf Willow
    41. The Melting Pot
    42. Basques in Nevada
    43. Nails and Whiskey
    44. Death Valley Scotty's Story
    45. Burial Customs at Fort Pierre
    Part 6: Cowboys
    46. The Harvard Cowboy
    47. The Spree at the End of the Trail
    48. Charlie Siringo's Flirtation
    49. "I Threw My Timid Friend a Bisquit"
    50. The Cowboy Strike
    51. The First Rodeos
    52. The Chuck Wagon
    53. When You Call Me That, Smile!
    Part 7: Tall Tales and Practical Jokes
    54. The Traveling Stones, and Other Such Affairs
    55. The First Jumping Frog
    56. How Trout Survive Mountain Winters
    57. "I Am Not Aware That Anyone Has Been Born Lately"
    58. I Paint the Truth Just as It Is
    59. The Buffalo Corral and Milking Pen
    60. The Greasewood Golf Course
    61. The Badger Fight
    62. "Anything That Will Make Money"
    Part 8: Characters
    63. "Genial if Rambunctious"
    64. How the Ski Came to Snow Country
    65. The Emperor of California
    66. Schlatter the Healer
    67. Law West of the Pecos
    68. How Phoenix Got Its Name
    69. Uncle Dick Wootton
    70. Culture Comes to Virginia City
    Part 9: The Mines
    71. Gold Only Waiting to Be Gathered Up
    72. "Something Shining int h Bottom of the Ditch"
    73. "Men Living Like Coyotes"
    74. Sutro's Tunnel
    75. Growing Up in Bonanza Town
    76. Boyhood at the Chloride Flat
    77. The Sun River Stampede
    78. The Post-Hole Banks
    79. There's Gems in Them Thar Hills
    Part 10: Women
    80. "A Pretty Hoorah Place"
    81. Now the Prairie Life Begins!
    82. The Pregnant Private
    83. Great Western, the Army's Amazon
    84. Doing the Washing
    85. "A Ball Put in Your Carcass"
    86. Rags to Riches to Rags
    87. And from Rags to Riches to Starvation
    88. Biscuits, Coffee and Beans
    89. Greasy Meals, Infested with Lazy Flies
    90. Contempt of Court
    91. Goldfield Booms
    Part 11: Law and Disorder
    92. Missed Four Thousand Times
    93. The Marquis de Peralta
    94. "It Began with Wrong and Outrage"
    95. The Real Billy the Kid
    96. Billy's Alive, and So Is Jesse
    97. That Famous Shootout at the O.K. Corral
    98. The Soldier of Fortune
    99. "No Complaint Was Made Against Him"
    100. Taking Politics Seriously
    101. The Hanging Windmill
    102. More Action at the Hanging Windmill
    103. The Johnson County War
    Part 12: Travel
    104. Over the Oregon Trail
    105. Thus the First Mail Was Brought on Camels
    106. Aubry's Great Ride
    107. "Without Any Thing to Eat but the Dead"
    108. "Goodbye, Death Valley"
    109. "Fifteen-Hundred Hats Were Lost Yearly"
    110. The Great Wagon-Train Swindle
    111. Horace Greeley's Wild Ride
    112. What the Travel Agent Doesn't Tell You
    113. Cold Feet
    114. A Revolver Is an Admirable Tool . . .
    115. The Desert Traveler's Kit
    116. How Exquisitely Pleasant, How Cosy and Delightful!
    117. The Race for Raton Pass
    118. The Continent is Joined by
    119. They Do Not Drink, Fight, or Strike
    120. The Rawhide Railroad
    121. 185 Miles in Fifteen Hours and Twenty Minutes
    122. Finally, Behind the Wheel!
    123. Steinbeck's Highway 66
    Part 13: The Military
    124. The Last Word from the Alamo
    125. The Mormon Battalion
    126. "We Have Come Amongst You"
    127. Paddy Graydon's Civil War
    128. Custers Last Letter Home
    129. Mrs. Custer Hears the News
    Part 14: The Western Way With Words
    130. "José Maria Martín! Stand Up!"
    131. "Stand Up, Ye Son-of-a-Bitch"
    132. Why Wilderness?
    133. "The Dirty Nincompoop Who Edits That Journal"
    134. "To The World!!"
    135. "I Ask: What Is Life?"
    Part 15: Fiction
    136. The Rules of the Game
    137. The Outcasts of Poker Flats
    138. The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky
    139. Cabin Fever
    140. Honey in the Horn
    141. "It Must Be Something Exciting"
    142. McTeague
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    • Format: Paperback, 21 x 13.6 cm.
    • Binding: Red paper covers with editor, title and publisher printed in black on the spine.
    • Collation: [a-b] [i]-xvi [1]-532 [533-534]
    • Price: Not applicable
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