Skinwalkers and Talking God [Audiobook, 1992]

Skinwalkers and Talking God [Audiobook, 1992]



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New York: Harper Audio, 1992.

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This is the abridged audiobook edition of both Skinwalkers and Talking God. This edition was published by HarperCollins Publishers in New York, New York in 1992. Each side of the cassettes runs about 45 minutes (360 minutes total or 3 hours of tape). This audiobook version was read by Tony Hillerman himself.

The audiobook has been recorded onto four audio cassettes and includes a cardboard case with a full-color cover design. This cover design is the same as Peter Thorpe's cover from the 1991 Harperpaperback edition of Talking God. The only difference is the change of background color, the addition of the publisher's name, the running time of the cassettes, and the reader.

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    • Format: Audiobook, 17.8 x 11.1 cm.
    • Price: $25.00 USD
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