The Ghostway, Page Proofs and Revised Proofs, 1984

The Ghostway, Page Proofs and Revised Proofs, 1984

MSS 501 BC / B05-F04
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This is a pre-production proof version of the The Ghostway that was printed by Harper & Row in 1984. It contains numerous layout editing marks and final editorial corrections to the text of the manuscript.

The first page of the manuscript packet is an internal memo between copyeditors at Harper & Row. It reads, "Herewith foul manuscript, foul first pass, and foul third pass, with miscellaneous Xeroxes of repro for corrected pages. Please hold until the author's alteration bill is settled."

As a near-final proof of the printed book, the manuscript pages are not available online. Researchers can view this manuscript in person by visiting the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico.

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