Talking God (1989)

Talking God (1989)

Copyright for the 2017 issue:
Published by Rowolt Verlag, Reinbek near Hamburg
Envelope design Anzinger and Raso, Munich
Printing and binding CPIT, Birkach

Talking God, Manuscript and Letter to Publisher, 1989

Talking God Book Tour, 1989

Anstey, Leicester, England: F. A. Thorpe Ltd, 1992.

Talking God, correspondence

This is correspondence related to the copyediting of Talking God. It consists of two letters; one letter from the copyeditor for Talking God to Tony Hillerman and a response from Hillerman to the copyeditor.

Talking God, assorted draft pages

This manuscript is a collection of notes, outlines and drafts of a few beginning chapters. There is also a transcript of a conversation discussing competitiveness between academics, instructions on how to save a file and a page outlining the development of Hillerman's plot ideas.


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