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From the Latin, where "homo" refers to "man" and "cida" refers to "killer," a homicide occurs when one human takes the life of another. It should be noted that there are various types of homicides and not all homicides are illegal. Murder in the first degree is the wrongful murder of another person with both intent and premeditation to kill established as motives prior to the act. Second degree murder is considered a “crime of passion,” meaning that there is no premeditation but there is intent to kill. Manslaughter is the killing of another person but is not considered murder because neither premeditation nor intent are present, although the desire to do bodily harm to another person was part of the motive prior to the act. Involuntary manslaughter, in which neither premeditation, desire to kill, nor commit bodily harm are present. A common example of involuntary manslaughter is a traffic accident cause by people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are also legal homicides, which includes killing a person for self-defence or the self-defense of another human being.

manila folder

An iconic off-white file folder with an extended tab commonly used for holding and organizing documents. Such folders were originally made of manila hemp, and the name remained, even though they are now made of stiff, strong paper. Manila envelopes are similar in design to manila folders, with both coming in sizes that can accommodate either letter- or legal-sized documents without having to fold them.

hollow point

A hollow point is type of bullet with a hollow front, which makes it a lighter and therefore faster projectile than heavier ammunition, allowing for greater accuracy in shooting. The other advantage of this type of bullet is that once it hits a target, its front edge (the hollow point) expands upon impact, decreasing penetration range but causing more extensive tissue damage along a lateral spread. Hollow point bullets are popular among medium-game hunters, as they kill target animals faster and more efficiently than traditional bullets.

Citizens Band radio

Citizens Band, or CB, radio is a short-distance radio system that does not require a license and can be used by individuals or businesses for various communication purposes. CB radio in the U.S. was first introduced for personal use in the 1940s, and became especially popular in the 1970s when equipment costs dropped significantly. The system was widely used among small businesses and truckers. Although new technology in recent years brought about a decline in CB usage, truck drivers trill utilize it to share communication regarding service stations, fuel prices, road conditions, or speed traps.

Certified Public Accountant

In the U.S., a professional accountant must pass an exam and be officially accredited by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Accountants provide financial consultation and services to individuals, businesses, and corporations, and the certification is meant to ensure the accounting industry's regulations and standards are executed consistently and equably at each level of service.


A sheath or protective case that holds a weapon such as a gun, dagger, or sword.


A backup resource that functions to support ongoing operations when reserves, extra power, or additional help is needed.


Vandalism takes many forms, from graffitti, to broken windows, to theft, but it is typically an anonymous act of property violence.


The term describes a complexion or skin tone that is flushed and tinged with red. Florid can also suggest excess in style and ornamentation, an overabundance of embellishment that not considered in good taste, or the use of inappropriate language.


The announcer who conducts the biddings and sales at a public auction. Depending upon the venue, an auctioneer projects a sedate and cultivated demeanor, for example when conducting a public sale at a prestigious auction house such as Sotheby's. At farm and ranch auctions of equipment, livestock, and even land, on the other hand, auctioneers are loud, fast-talking men and women who excite the crowd into a frenzy of bidding with their evangelistic style of description, narration, and valuation.


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