Human Environment


Associated with the treatment of a mental illness or disorder by talking to a mental health practitioner about feelings, dreams, and behavior patterns.

power chain saw

A mechanical tool used to fell trees or cut wood using a loop of chain that is driven around a bar by a motorized power head. The chain of a power saw is comprised of links that have alternating "teeth" that, when properly sharpened, bite through wood and other substances one small piece at a time. Depending on the size of the bar, the length of chain necessary to run around the bar in a loop, and the size of the power head, the power chain saw can work much more effectively and efficiently than crosscut saws, axes, and other felling tools.


A degraded and eroded spot in the road caused by the combination of standing water and the friction of passing vehicles. Potholes develop in areas where the engineering of the road bed is faulty and permits water to accumulate on the surface or to seep into and collect under the road surface, softening the road and making it susceptible to damage from passing vehicles.


A pistol is a firearm, or gun, that can be used with one hand, leaving the other hand free for defense or the use of another weapon. There are two main classes of pistols: revolvers and automatics. Revolvers are multi-shot firearms, meaning individual bullets are encased in a revolving element. Automatic pistols are more modern and involve multiple bullets stored in a magazine chamber just below the barrel of the gun.

.22 pistol

A popular pistol that is known for its high accuracy in precision shooting. The .22 refers to the barrel's internal diameter, or the diameter of the bullet's cartridge. In this case, the .22 rifle fires a cartridge that is twenty-two millimeters in diameter.


A retail location where medicines and drugs are prepared and dispensed by qualified pharmacists who have gone to school to specialize in drug therapy and the prescription of medication. Starting in the 18th century, the modern practice of pharmacy emerged as a result of the integration of the health and chemical sciences, as the scientific method overtook more traditional forms of health care, such as folk medicine, home remedies, and homeopathy.

.22 rifle

A rifle popular due to its relatively low cost, minimal recoil, and low noise level. The .22 refers to the caliber, or internal diameter, of the barrel of the rifle, as well as the diameter of the cartridge, or projectile, fired by the rifle. In this case, the .22 rifle fires a cartridge that is twenty-two millimeters in diameter.

muzzle (firearm)

The opening located on the end of a gun's barrel. This is the point from which ammunition is expelled. At times, because of the small explosion that creates the force that propels the ammunition through the barrel and out the muzzle, a bit of smoke exits the muzzle, along with the bullet .


Words with only one syllable. Monosyllabic can also refer to a person who speaks only in one-syllable words.

Multiple Intercontinental Re-Entry Vehicle

A multiple intercontinental re-entry vehicle (MIRV) is a kind of ballistic missile that is capable of firing multiple war heads simultaneously at a single target. This kind of weapon is often more effective than a single warhead at hitting targets and can be used to stop the flight path of other ballistic missiles. The warheads attached to these missiles are often nuclear and very destructive.


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