Beautiful Mountain, New Mexico

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Called Dziłk'i Hózhónii (Mountain Beautiful on Top) in Diné, it is the tallest peak in San Juan County, New Mexico and is sacred to the Navajo. It lies 25 miles southwest of Shiprock on the New Mexico-Arizona state line in the Four Corners region. The Navajo believe this mountain is the feet of Goods of Value Mountain, a male spiritual figure. The Navajo believe that his legs are the Carrizo Mountains, his body is the Chuska Mountains, his head is Chuska Peak, and that Shiprock itself is the pouch or weapon he carries.

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"Beautiful Mountain, New Mexico, 1973," photograph, Don Lyngholm Papers, Cline Library, Northern Arizona University (NAU.PH.95.55.1236). Cline Library, Northern Arizona. All rights reserved. Use with permission only.

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