Navajo Route 8, Arizona

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On current maps of the Navajo Reservation there is no mention of Navajo Route 8. However, Bureau of Indian Affairs documents mention the construction of a portion of this route. In 1958, the Department of the Interior provided funds for a contract to improve 13.8 miles of Navajo Route 8 between Chinle and Many Farms in northeastern Arizona. In 1965, the Department of the Interior set aside more funds to construct 8 more miles of Navajo Route 8 running between Ganado and Klagetoh in Apache County, Arizona. In addition, a brochure about the Hubbell Trading Post mentions this route as a way to get to this historic trading post. Based on this inform and after consulting contemporary maps, it appears that Navajo Route 8 covers about 39 miles between Round Rock and Klagetoh and is now a portion of U.S. Highway 191.

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"U.S. Route 191 (Navajo Route 8) near Monument Valley, November 20, 2004" by TheFriendlyFiend from the Netherlands.

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