Lukachukai Mountains, Arizona

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The Lukachukai Mountains are a mountain range in northeastern Arizona that lay entirely within the Navajo Reservation. The highest point of the range is an unnamed point at 9,466 feet above sea level. The mountains are still largely used as summer ranges for sheepherding. For that reason, the range is called Shíík'eh (A Summer Place) in Navajo. In Navajo mythology, this mountain range, along with the Carrizo Mountains, forms a prone male figure called Yódí Dziil (Wealth Mountain). Ch'óshgai (Chuska Mountains) forms the head; Leezhch'iih Deezgai (western Lukachukai Mountains) forms the chest, abdominal areas, and limbs; and Dzi Náhoodziii (Carrizo Mountains) forms the feet.

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"Looking northeast from the Lukachukai Mountains in Arizona toward Shiprock in New Mexico, June 22, 2008" by Chuck Coker is licensed under CC BY-ND.