Page, Arizona

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Originally, Page was a temporary housing site for the Glen Canyon Dam construction workers and their families and was called the Page Government Camp after the Bureau of Reclamation commissioner John C. Page. The housing camp was created in 1957 and included thousands of temporary homes constructed for the workers along the Colorado River. The land that the town stands on was originally a part of the Navajo Nation, but a deal was struck whereby a tract of land in Utah was exchanged for the area in and around Page.

It took seven years for Glen Canyon Dam to be completed, and during this time permanent homes, churches, and infrastructure were constructed in Page. By 1964 the town was a federal municipality, and in 1975 it became an incorporated town. When the dam was finished, water was captured on the north side of the dam, creating Lake Powell Reservoir. The reservoir is named for John Wesley Powell, a Civil War veteran and explorer. Today, Page sits on the south shore of the Lake Powell and is a popular vacation spot.

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"Sunday morning, Page, Arizona, July 23, 2006" by Wolfgang Staudt is licensed under CC BY.

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