Cañoncito Reservation, New Mexico

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A non-contiguous section of the Navajo reservation located approximately 75 miles from the main Navajo reservation. Cañoncito Reservation is located in central New Mexico, approximately 30 miles west of Albuquerque and about six miles north of Interstate 40. Formerly known as Cañoncito, or “small canyon” in Spanish, the reservation changed its name to To'hajiilee in 2000 meaning "drawing up water from a natural well" in Navajo.

Colonizing excursions caused many internal disputes among the Navajo. In 1787, ancestors of today's To'hajiilee people joined the Spanish in campaigns against their own people. This group of Diné are called Diné Anaa'i or the enemy Navajo.

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"Map showing Canoncito, currently To'hajiilee, Navajo Reservation and adjacent pueblos" by Nikater is licensed under Public Domain.