Ceniza Ridge, Arizona

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A ridge, also referred to as Ceniza Saddle, that forms part of the geologic formation known as Ceniza Mesa, also referred as To Chin Lini, meaning “Water Flowing Out,” in Navajo. This ridge is part of the western slopes of the Carrizo Mountains in northeastern Arizona.

A ridge is a continuous elevation of land that extends in a line between higher mountain peaks. Sometimes ridges descend from a higher peak toward lower elevations, giving a mountain a vertically-grooved appearance. Occasionally, ridges occur as singular components of the landscapes. A saddle ridge is a geographic term that refers to the outline of a mountain in which a gentle concave depression lies between two peaks. As the name suggests, the shape would then resemble a saddle used for horse riding, where the seat slopes down into a low curve between the slightly higher parts of the front and the back.

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"The ridgeline of Chezhindeza Mesa, near Ceniza (Toh Chin Lini) Mesa, Carrizo Mountains, Apache County, Arizona" by Scott Peavy.

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