Moon==Finding Moon [French, paperback, 1996]

Moon==Finding Moon [French, paperback, 1996]



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Paris: Éditions Payot & Rivages, 1996.

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This is the French edition of Finding Moon, published in 1996 by Éditions Payot & Rivages, translated into French by Danièle and Pierre Bondil.

The cover art is by Peter Thorpe. Similar in form to Thorpe's artwork for Hillerman's New Mexico-based mysteries, the drawing centers on a two-handled gold jar decorated with an ornamented blue face with open mouth. The author's name and French title are printed above the drawing in gold lettering on a black background.

The back cover is printed in white on black, and contains a synopsis of the novel. Bar codes are printed at the bottom of the back cover in black on a reversed white rectangle.

The inside front and inside back covers are blank.

  • Title Page Transcription: Tony Hillerman | Moon | Traduit de l'américain | par Danièle et Pierre Bondil | Collection dirigée | par François Guérif | LE GRAND LIVRE DU MOIS
  • Contents: [1-2] blank, [3] half title Moon, [4] Du même auteur, [5] title page, [6] copyright, [7] DES EXCUSES, DES REMERCIEMENTS, UNE PRÉCAUTION, ET UNE DÉDICACE [8-9] map, [10] blank, 11-[339] text, [340] blank, 341-[342] Dans le même collection, [343] printer's notice, [344] blank, [345] printing date and number, [346-350] blank
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Paperback, 22.2 x 15.5 cm
    • Binding: Full-color paper covers. The title and author's name are printed in gold on the spine.
    • Collation: [1-10] 11-338 [339-340] 341 [342-350]
    • Price: No price listed

CSWR A16, 1996.