2nd Culprit: A Crime Writers' Annual [UK, paperback, 1993]

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2nd Culprit: A Crime Writers' Annual [UK, paperback, 1993]



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London: Chatto & Windus Ltd, 1993.

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This is the full and detailed view of 2nd Culprit: A Crime Writers' Annual, edited by Liza Cody and Michael Z. Lewin. It contains the story "First Lead Gasser" by Tony Hillerman, beginning on page 140. This story deals with a death row execution that he witnessed while working as the New Mexico manager of the United Press. This volume also contains works by other well-known mystery writers such as Liza Cody, Sue Grafton, and Margaret Yorke. It was published by Chatto & Windus, London, UK, in 1993.

This is a paperback volume with cover fold-outs and a clear plastic cover. The jacket design is by Andrea Pinnington and the illustration and lettering are by Julian Abela-Hyzler. The cover features a wraparound pastel illustration.

  • Title Page Transcription:
    2nd Culprit | [decorative device] | An Annual of Crime Stories | edited by | LIZA CODY & MICHAEL Z. LEWIN | Chatto & Windus | LONDON
  • Contents:
    [8] half title 2nd Culprit | [publisher logo], frontispiece, title page, copyright, Contents (3), blank, 1-303 text, [304] blank, [305] Solution to the Cryptic Crime Acrostic, [306] The Crime Writers' Association, [307-310] Biographical Notes, [311] Acknowledgements, [312] blank
  • List of Contents:
    1. Clewsey's Clichés, 'Wait! I think the dog knows something'
    2. Better to Forget, Susan Moody
    3. The Frustration Dream, Ellis Peters
    4. The Duke, Eric Wright
    5. The Curious Computer, Peter Lovesey
    6. The Last Resort, Margaret Yorke
    7. Clewsey's Clichés, 'Laverton-West gave him a fish-like stare'
    8. Exquisitely Gowned - Revising My First Novel Fifty Years On, Eric Ambler
    9. Jemima Shore and the Frightened Girl, Antonia Fraser
    10. True Thomas, Reginald Hill
    11. Betrayal, Nancy Livingston
    12. Boss, Michael Z. Lewin
    13. Cryptic Crime Acrostic, Sarah Caudwell & Michael Z. Lewin
    14. The Image of Innocence, Madelaine Duke
    15. Clewsey's Clichés, 'While she waited for Nick to come round, Nora reviewed the facts of the case as she understood them'
    16. First Lead Gasser, Tony Hillerman
    17. Sister Brona and the Sacred Altar Cloths, Alex Auswaks
    18. Turning Point, Anthea Fraser
    19. Professor Kaa's Doorway, Peter O'Donnell
    20. The Last Kiss, Susan Kelly
    21. The Mood Cuckoo, Jonathan Gash
    22. Clewsey's Clichés, 'Quick, chaps! The swine have got Phyllis again'
    23. Dishonourable Members, Carole Rawcliffe
    24. Slight of Hand, Catherine Aird
    25. Incident at Millionaires' Row, HRF Keating
    26. Working with Suzie, Jean McConnell
    27. A Vacance en Campagne, Tim Heald
    28. Well Shot, Ian Rankin
    29. Where's Stacey?, Liza Cody
    30. Keep taking the Tabloids, Robert Barnard
    31. A Little Missionary Work, Sue Grafton
    32. Solution to Cryptic Crime Acrostic
    33. The Crime Writers' Association, Robert Richardson
    34. Biographical Notes
    35. Acknowledgements
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Paperback, 21 x 16.5 cm
    • Binding: Full-color paper covers. The book title and a crab logo are printed on the spine.
    • Collation: [8] 1-303 [304-312]
    • Price: £11.99 in UK