Talking God [UK large print edition, hardcover, 1992]

This is the first large print UK edition of Talking God, published by F. A. Thorpe Ltd, in Anstey, Leicestershire, in 1992.

This is a hardcover book without a jacket. The cover is uncredited and features a composite drawing; in the foreground are three copper bullets, two lying on their sides and one standing on end. Behind them is a cow's skull missing the jawbone. Partially obscured in the background is the tower and dome of the U.S. Congress, extending upwards into a blue sky with a large yellow-orange cloud. At the top of the drawing, the author's name and book title are printed in black across the sky. The top of the front cover is black and in white lettering states "Ulverscroft Large Print."

The back cover and spine are black and white. On the back cover, the "Ulverscroft Large Print" designation appears again, in white on a black band. Below that, in black on white, is the book title, author, and a brief synopsis of the plot. On the spine, "LARGE PRINT" appears at the top in white on black; the book title and author name are in black on white; and the publisher's name and logo are at the bottom, in white on black. The inside front and inside back covers are blank.

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