Talking God [UK large print edition, hardcover, 1992]

Talking God [UK large print edition, hardcover, 1992]



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Anstey, Leicester, England: F. A. Thorpe Ltd, 1992.

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Edition Notes: 

This is the first large print UK edition of Talking God, published by F. A. Thorpe Ltd, in Anstey, Leicestershire, in 1992. This is a hardcover book without a jacket. The cover is uncredited and features a composite drawing.

  • Title Page Transcription:
    TONY HILLERMAN | [decorative rule] | TALKING | GOD | Complete and Unabridged | [logo graphic] | ULVERSCROFT | Leicester
  • Contents:
    [10] Special Message to Readers, Janice James quote, teaser, Books by Tony Hillerman, title page, copyright, dedication, blank, acknowledgements, fiction disclaimer, 1-401 text, [402-406] Other titles in the Ulverscroft Large Print series
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Hardcover, 22 x 14 cm
    • Binding: Full-color vinyl-covered boards. On the spine, "LARGE PRINT" appears at the top in white on black; the book title and author name are in black on white; and the publisher's name and logo are at the bottom, in white on black.
    • Collation: [10] 1-401 [402-406]
    • Price: Price not given