Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine [Dell Magazines, paperback, April 1993]

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Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine [Dell Magazines, paperback, April 1993]



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New York: Dell Magazines, 1993

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ISSN 0013-6328

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This is the April 1993 issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine which contains the first publication of the short story "First Lead Gasser" by Tony Hillerman beginning on page 4. Hillerman's story is a fictionalized account based on a death row execution that he witnessed while working as the New Mexico manager of the United Press. This is a paper serial with a full-color photo cover of Tony Hillerman taken by Barney Hillerman.

  • Title Page Transcription:
    Contents | ELLERY QUEEN | THE WORLD'S LEADING | MYSTERY MAGAZINE | List of Contents | Cover thumbnail | Photo Credit | Publisher information
  • List of Contents:
    1. First Lead Gasser, Tony Hillerman
    2. Czech for a Short Bier, William Beechcroft
    3. Judith, Michael Gilbert
    4. Leopold at Rest, Edward D. Hoch
    5. The Tormenting Eye of God, Lea Cash-Domingo
    6. The Jury Box, Jon L. Breen
    7. Spousal Secrets, Stephen Wasylyk
    8. The Mystery Crossword, Leigh Woznick
    9. Why, O'Neil De Noux
    10. Concrete Evidence, Ian Rankin
    11. Tableau, Lawrence Treat
    12. The Reunion, Joyce Begg
    13. The House of the Vestals, Steven Saylor
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Magazine, 18.5 x 13 cm
    • Binding: Full-color paper covers. The spine is white and on it is printed "ELLERY QUEEN'S MYSTERY MAGAZINE ® APRIL 1993" in black.
    • Price: $2.25 USD, $2.95 CAN