Die Wanze == The Fly on the Wall (The Bug) [German, Paperback, 2017]

Die Wanze == The Fly on the Wall (The Bug) [German, Paperback, 2017]



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Copyright for the 2017 issue:
Published by Rowolt Verlag, Reinbek near Hamburg
Envelope design Anzinger and Raso, Munich
Printing and binding CPIT buchbucher.de, Birkach

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This is a reprinted version of German Translation of The Fly on the Wall titled The Bug . The original German publication of this novel is translated by Hubert Deymann in 1989.

  • Title Page Transcription: TONY HILLERMAN | Die Wanze | rowohlt repertoire
  • Contents: [i] Publisher Information [ii] Highlights, Description of the Author [iii] Title Page [iv] The Description of Original Publication in 1989 [v] The Main Characters [7-201] Main Text [202] End Matter
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format:
    • Paperback, 12.5 x 19 cm

    • Binding:
    • White paper covers printed in yellow typography of title and in black for author. At the center of the cover, the circle transiting from light yellow to dark yellow at the center.

    • Collation:
    • [i-v] 7-201 [202]

    • Price: EUR 9.99 (www.amazon.de)