Der Wind des Bösen and Schüsse aus der Steinzeit (1997)==The Dark Wind and Dance Hall of the Dead [German, paperback, 1982 & 1973]

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The Dark Wind:

The corpse had been “scalped,” its palms and soles removed after death. Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police knows immediately he will have his hands full with this case, a certainty that is supported by the disturbing occurrences to follow. A mysterious nighttime plane crash, a vanishing shipment of cocaine, and a bizarre attack on a windmill only intensify Chee’s fears. A dark and very ill wind is blowing through the Southwestern desert, a gale driven by Navajo sorcery and white man’s greed. And it will sweep away everything unless Chee can somehow change the weather.

Dance Hall of the Dead:

The "Dance Hall of the Dead" is what the Zuni Indians call heaven. This novel is set against a Ramah Navajo and Zuni reservation background. The Zunis, the smaller tribe, are surrounded by three Navajo reservations. There is no love lost between the Navajos and the Zunis - in fact they are very different culturally and, at times, they hate each other (Hillerman, 1973: Promotional copy from the book jacket).