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cartridge magazine

A part of a gun that holds multiple cartridges or bullets. The magazine may be part of the gun or may be a separate attachment, sometimes called a clip. The magazine can be refilled with ammunition when it is empty.

Land Rover

A four-wheel-drive vehicle originally made by the British automobile manufacturer Jaguar-Land Rover. These sturdy vehicles were inspired by the use of the American Jeep during World War II and were first designed in the late 1940s to serve military needs. However, over time commercial private models became popular in Europe as well as in the U.S. Throughout the years ownership of the brand name has changed hands, first when BMW took over in 1994, then again when the Ford corporation bought the company in 2000, and most recently when the Indian-based Tata Motors firm purchased both Jaguar and Land Rover.


A device that uses the Earth's magnetic fields to determine the direction north, for navigation purposes. From the location of true north, other cardinal directions can be determined. The compass was first used for navigation in the 1000s in China.

.30-06 deer rifle

The Remington Model 700, a centerfire bolt action rifle which began production in 1962. The most popular types of ammunition for this rifle are the .30-60 Springfield cartridge, 7mm Remington Magnum rifle cartridge, and the .270 Winchester cartridge.


An adverb derived from allegory, which is a narrative device, where plot elements, characters, and events, are symbolic of human experiences and the nature of human existence over time. If one speaks allegorically, one may be referring to the situation at hand by referring to a broader theme, whose components transcend the every day and find truth and applicability in multiple situations. J.R.R. Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings trilogy is an allegory of modernity and the battling forces of greed for power (and resources) on the one hand and provincial tradition and communal sustainability on the other. The young adult series The Hunger Games is an allegory of the relationship between media, popular culture, and politics in the post-modern era.


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