Manuscripts for The Boy Who Made Dragonfly (1972)

There are only two manuscripts available for The Boy Who Made Dragonfly, an early draft and a final edited manuscript, both of which are available for viewing online. There are also galley proofs from the publisher (Harper Collins), and correspondence relating to the editorial process. These documents are not yet available online but can be viewed in person at the Center for Southwest Research.

Click the red "View" link below to view a digitized copy of an original manuscript. Several manuscripts in this collection also include interactive hyperlinks throughout the texts. The hyperlinks lead to articles that further explain aspects of the novel, Native American and Southwestern culture, history and geography. Click the orange mouse icon below to view the interactive versions of the manuscripts.

     The Boy Who Made Dragonfly, draft. (MSS 501 BC / B06-F07)

     The Boy Who Made Dragonfly, edited manuscript. (MSS 501 BC / B06-F08)

This is the second draft and the first manuscript edited by both the publisher and Hillerman. It was typed on a typewriter and was heavily edited. The chapter designations were...

     The Boy Who Made Dragonfly, galley proofs. (MSS 501 BC / B06-F09)

This is a galley proof of the novel that shows the layout and formatting of the first edition of The Boy Who Made Dragonfly. The proofs are not...

     Correspondence regarding The Boy Who Made Dragonfly (MSS 501 BC / B06-F10)

There are twenty letters regarding the editing of the manuscript and section of an illustrator for The Boy Who Made Dragonfly. The letters are not yet available online...