A Thief of Time (1988)

A Thief of Time (1988)

A Thief of Time, Manuscript

This is the first edited manuscript for A Thief of Time. It contains the front matter, editing marks and comments from the editor as well as Hillerman's responses.

Thief of Time, Research Materials for Thief of Time

This folder contains research materials for A Thief of Time. There are articles, notes and correspondence included. There is also a typed page called "Thief of time thoughts" which outlines some early story ideas.

Thief of Time, Manuscript (Photocopy)

This draft is an edited photocopy of A Thief of Time. Light edits and notes are made throughout the photocopy in ink and pencil.

Thief of Time, Assorted Draft Pages

This is not a full or formal draft, but is a collection of chapter summaries with a couple drafts of the first three chapters. A list of notes from his editor and a page containing research findings are also included.

Thief of Time, Draft

This is an early draft of A Thief of Time. The manuscript is 106 pages long and includes handwritten as well as typed notes about sections to fix or characters to add.

New York: Caedmon, 1988.

서울, Seoul : 고려원, Koreaone Press, 1993.


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