Hillerman Research and Information Resources

This section of the Portal is a library of print and online resources about Tony Hillerman. Hillerman was prolific and popular as a writer, journalist, and educator, and much commentary about his work has been produced. Included here are web links to articles, books, audio and video, interviews, and other websites on topics such as biographical information, literary criticism, setting and landscape guides, and closer looks at his writerly, public, and private lives. You can also contact us at the eHillerman Portal and UNM University libraries with any inquiries and research interests.


In Memory of Tony Hillerman - A 2008 Interview

"Award-winning Western author Tony Hillerman died Sunday, October 26, 2008, of pulmonary failure in Albuquerque, N.M. He was 83. Hillerman,...

KSFR Radio Interview with Kevin Comerford

Kevin Comerford describes the Tony Hillerman
Portal project in this Radio Interview with Charles Maynard of KSFR Radio, Santa Fe. June 21...

Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter: Tony Hillerman A Notable New Mexican

An invitation letter for the gala celebration honoring Tony Hillerman as a 2004 Notable New Mexican.

Magazine Articles

12 Tips from Maui

Rigney, Melania. "12 Tips from Maui." The Writer's Digest 79, no. 12 (1999): 7-8.

Back Page: an Interview with Tony Hillerman

Levine, Jeffery. "Back Page; an Interview with Tony Hillerman." Pen World International 14, no. 4 (2001): 80.

Chasing the Dream: Tony Hillerman and Michael McGarrity Support Young Writers

May, Michele and John Schlesselman. "Chasing the Dream: Tony Hillerman and Michael McGarrity Support Young Writers." Posh New Mexico (2006): 56-...

Chief of Detectives

O'Connor, Patricia. "Chief of Detectives." Southwest Airlines Spirit (1992): 31-33, 44-49.

Confessions of a Literary Editor

Constantine, Peggy. "Confessions of a Literary Editor." The Critic 43, no. 3 (1989): 53-67.

Exploring Tony Hillerman Country

Maxa, Christine. "Exploring Tony Hillerman Country." Highroads (2005): 30-34.

Guide to Hillerman Country: Tracking Jim Chee Through Navajoland

Heller, Pauly. "Guide to Hillerman Country: Tracking Jim Chee Through Navajoland." Arizona Highways 82, no. 6 (2006): 10-15.

Here Comes The Indians!

Birchfield, D. L. "Here Comes The Indians!" Roundup Magazine (2003): 32-35.

High Stakes Hillerman Style

Beebe, Katharine. "High Stakes Hillerman Style." Mirage 13, no. 3 (1996): 4-8.

Hillerman Country

Nolan, Tom. "Hillerman Country." Mystery Scene 87 (2004): 14-17.

Hillerman Country

Parker, Betty and Riley Parker. "Hillerman Country." The Armchair Detective 20, no. 1 (1987): 4-14.

How Tony Hillerman Won the West

Woog, Adam. "How Tony Hillerman Won the West." USAir Magazine 15, no. 9 (1993): 60-63, 113.

Illustrating Tony Hillerman

Bulow, Ernie. "Illustrating Tony Hillerman." Firsts: Collecting Modern First Editions 1, no.4 (1991): 20-23.

Interview With Tony Hillerman

Crawford, Brad. "Interview with Tony Hillerman." The Writer's Digest 80, no. 1 (2000): 8-9.

Interview With Tony Hillerman

Gulli, Andres. "Interview with Tony Hillerman." The Strand Magazine 15 (2005): 50-54.

Land of Mystery

Boggs, Johnny. "Land of Mystery." New Mexico Journey (2006): 18-25.

Leaphorn's Blessing: An Interview With Tony Hillerman

Schuit, Kathy and Wayne Rowan. "Leaphorn's Blessing: An Interview with Tony Hillerman." New Mexico Business Journal 30, no. 6 (2006): 8-9...