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This section of the Portal is a library of print and online resources about Tony Hillerman. Hillerman was prolific and popular as a writer, journalist, and educator, and much commentary about his work has been produced. Included here are web links to articles, books, audio and video, interviews, and other websites on topics such as biographical information, literary criticism, setting and landscape guides, and closer looks at his writerly, public, and private lives. You can also contact us at the eHillerman Portal and UNM University libraries with any inquiries and research interests.

Theses and Dissertations

The Navajos as Seen Through Hillerman's Characters

This master's thesis by Hélène Le Goff, published by Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Sociales Victor...


Étonnants Voyageurs == Amazing Travelers

At the 1994 Étonnants Voyageurs conference, Tony Hillerman participates in a panel discussion titled, "Café littéraire."

Lobo Living Room: Anne Hillerman

Anne Hillerman speaks about her first novel "Spider Woman's Daughter" at the November 14, 2013 Lobo Living Room event sponsored by the University...

Sacred Heart Mission: The Investigation

Video of the ghost town of Sacred Heart, Oklahoma

Sacred Heart Oklahoma Ghost Town

Video of the region around Sacred Heart, Oklahoma

Tony Hillerman Remembered

Video of a 2008 memorial service for Tony Hillerman

Tony Hillerman's Legacy: 2018 Willard Lecture

Anne Hillerman delivers the 2018 Willard Lecture, entitled, "Tony Hillerman's Legacy."

Tony Hillerman's New Mexico

Join us as we visit with one of New Mexico's most popular storytellers, Tony Hillerman. Tony shares his inspirations and life story in a...

Tony Hillerman, Storyteller

This video is an excerpt from a short documentary produced for the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes. Hillerman was the 2004 Kirsch Award winner.

Tony Hillerman: "C" Company, 103rd Infantry Division Interview

This is a 2006 interview of Tony Hillerman by his son, Dan about Tony's service in World War II.

Tony Hillerman: The Art of Mystery

An intimate look into the master mystery writers mind. Hillerman explains his inspirations, triumphs and disasters of writing his famous Jim...

UNM Second Century: Discussion between Tony Hillerman and Studs Terkel

This episode of Second Century is an engaging discussion between two world famous authors: Tony Hillerman and Studs Terkel.

Westwords, Tony Hillerman

Tony Hillerman's detective stories use Navajo Police as the main characters.


Barnes & Noble Meet the Writers: Tony Hillerman Website

This Barnes and Noble website includes an brief interview with Tony Hillerman, as well a biography and list of his works.

Fantastic Fiction Online Biliography for Tony Hillerman

This is an online bibliography of Tony Hillerman's works maintained by Fantastic Fiction, Ltd. in Lancashire, United Kingdom..

HarperCollins Publishers Tony Hillerman Website

This is the official HarperCollins website for Tony Hillerman and his books. The site includes a variety of essays and biographical materials.

OCLC WorldCat Identities: Tony Hillerman

OCLC aggregated statistics on the popularity of Tony Hillerman's works

Official Tony Hillerman Facebook Page
Tony Hillerman (Wikipedia Entry)

This wikipedia entry for Tony Hillerman provides a very good, concise biography as well as a comprehensive list of his works.

Tony Hillerman Bibliography (Ask.com)

A collection of lists of Hillerman's works on various websites.