Littlewater, New Mexico

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Littlewater translates to Tó ‘Áłts’íísí in Navajo. Littlewater is a small tribal chapter of the Navajo Nation location near Crownpoint, New Mexico. The Navajo Nation government system consists of five agencies (Chinle, Crownpoint, Fort Defiance, Shiprock, and Tuba City) with several local chapters within each agency. Each chapter has an administrative meeting place known as the chapter house, where the community gathers to discuss a variety of issues concerning life on the reservation. In the dedication to The Dark Wind, Tony Hillerman thanks the people of Littlewater, and given the context and proximity of the other place names mentioned, he is most likely is referring to this tribal chapter.

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"Navajo Nation flag, August 19, 2010" by David is licensed under CC BY.

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