Bacavi, Arizona

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Also spelled Bacobi and Bakabi, Bacavi is a village located on the east side of Third Mesa, within the larger network and community of the Hopi people spread out across the three mesas within Black Mesa in Arizona. The other villages on Third Mesa include Oraibi; New Oraibi (also known as Kyakotsmovi); Hotevilla; and Upper Moenkopi and Lower Moenkopi, both located a little bit outside of Third Mesa. Bacavi was founded in 1907, after a disagreement between factions of the Hopi people living in Oraibi, and is considered the newest of all the Hopi villages.

The area of all three mesas makes up the Hopi reservation. Each of the mesas has its own cultural and spiritual significance to the Hopi people, and similarly, each village maintains its own traditions and rituals even while there is overlap among them.

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