Hano, Arizona

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A small village inhabited by mostly Tewa Pueblo people, located on the Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona. The settlement was established around 1700, when the Hopi invited a group from the Tewa Pueblo, in what is now central New Mexico, to help them fight bands of invading Navajo and Ute raiders. The group of Tewa warriors ended up settling atop of First Mesa, one of the three mesas on which the Hopi villages are built. Over the years they have intermarried and mingled regularly with the Hopi, but were never completely absorbed into the tribe, retaining their own distinct language and traditions.

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"Hano Pueblo, Hopi, Arizona, c.1880," photograph, Indians-Hopi-Hano (04610). Palace of the Governors Photo Archive, New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe. All rights reserved. Use with permission only.

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