Winslow, Arizona

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A small town located just off of Highway 40 in eastern Arizona, about 58 miles east of Flagstaff. The settlement was established in 1880 around a railroad terminal. Its location on the historic Route 66 made it a convenient stop for tourists in the first part of the 20th century, and the La Posada Hotel, which was designed by the famous architect Mary Colter, became a major point of attraction in the area. When railroad travel stopped in the late 1950s, and after Interstate 40 replaced the old Route 66 in the 1970s, the town suffered a devastating economic decline. Today, ongoing preservation efforts make Winslow a destination for nostalgic tourism, which has grown in recent years.

Winslow was made famous in the 1970s when it was mentioned in the hit song "Takin' it Easy" by the American band The Eagles. A statue and mural commemorating the song serve as unique roadside attractions for modern-day travelers visiting Winslow.

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