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Back Page: an Interview with Tony Hillerman

Levine, Jeffery. "Back Page; an Interview with Tony Hillerman." Pen World International 14, no. 4 (2001): 80.

Tony Hillerman's New Mexico

Hillerman, Anne and Don Strel. "Tony Hillerman's New Mexico." New Mexico 88, no. 2 (2010): 24-29.

Update Collectable Books: Sacred Clowns

Smiley, Robin. "Update Collectable Books: Sacred Clowns." Firsts: Collecting Modern First Editions." 3, no. 12 (1993): 46-48.

Tony Hillerman: "Special Friend to the Navajo People"

Solinger, Janet. "Tony Hillerman: "Special Friend to the Navajo People"." The Smithsonian Associate 21, no. 2 (1992): 18.

The First Eagle

Berney, Charlotte. "The First Eagle." Cowboys & Indians 29 (1999): 154-155.

Tony Hillerman: Live From La Posada de Albuquerque

Berney, Charlotte. "Tony Hillerman: Live From La Posada de Albuquerque." Cowboys & Indians (1999): 178.

12 Tips from Maui

Rigney, Melania. "12 Tips from Maui." The Writer's Digest 79, no. 12 (1999): 7-8.

New Mexico's Mysterious Attraction

Blackwell, Scott. "New Mexico's Mysterious Attraction." Around 505 26 (2006): 34-35.

Tony Hillerman, Author and Veteran

Abraham, Larry. "Tony Hillerman, Author and Veteran." Village Vision: Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque (2005): 5.

Confessions of a Literary Editor

Constantine, Peggy. "Confessions of a Literary Editor." The Critic 43, no. 3 (1989): 53-67.


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