Tony Hillerman's Original Manuscripts

Tony Hillerman's catalog of monographic (book-length) works included a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction works. For each book that he wrote, Hillerman generally produced on average three or four draft manuscripts. The list below includes all of the fiction and non-fiction manuscripts in the collections of the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico. Click on a title below to view the complete list of manuscripts for that work. Click the View link next to each manuscript record to open a digital reproduction of the manuscript in a special viewer. Manuscripts that display a mouse icon include additional interactive content, such as hyperlinked term definitions, digital audio and video.


A1. The Blessing Way (1970)
A2. The Fly on the Wall (1971)
A4. Dance Hall of the Dead (1973)
A5. Listening Woman (1978)
A6. People of Darkness (1980)
A7. The Dark Wind (1982)
A8. The Ghostway (1984)
A9. Skinwalkers (1986)
A10. A Thief of Time (1988)
A11. Talking God (1989)
A12. The Joe Leaphorn Mysteries (1989)
A13. Coyote Waits (1990)
A14. Sacred Clowns (1993)
A15. Finding Moon (1995)
A16. The Fallen Man (1996)
A17. The First Eagle (1998)
A18. Hunting Badger (1999)
A20. The Wailing Wind (2002)
A21. The Sinister Pig (2003)
A22. Skeleton Man (2004)
A23. The Shape Shifter (2006)

Children's Works

A3. The Boy Who Made Dragonfly (1972)
A19. Buster Mesquite's Cowboy Band (2001)


C1. The Great Taos Bank Robbery (1973)
C2. New Mexico Photography (1974)
C3. Rio Grande (1975)
C4. The Spell of New Mexico (1976)
C5. Indian Country: America's Sacred Land (1987)
C6. Hillerman Country (1991)
C7. The Tony Hillerman Companion (1994)
CX2. Building Without Blueprint (1986)
CX1. Canyon de Chelly (1998)
CX3. Itterswiller (1998)
CX4. New Mexico, Rio Grande, and other essays (1992)
CX5. The Southwest (n.d.)
CX6. The Sacred Lands (1980)
CX7. Long Version of Between Sacred Mountain (n.d.)
CX8. Unknown manuscripts (n.d.)