Sacred Clowns: Miscellaneous Pages.

This manuscript includes miscellaneous pages from the creation of Sacred Clowns. In this manuscript there are chapter outlines, revised chapters, edited front matter from page proofs, and pages of the novel that have been edited by Harper and Row. These edited pages appear to have been edited using a version of HotDocs which is a DOS based word processor.

Coyote Waits, manuscript draft

This is a manuscript draft of Coyote Waits. The draft is 335 pages long and contains 24 chapters. There are a few editing marks.

Coyote Waits, revised draft

This is a revised draft of Coyote Waits created between 1989 and 1990. The manuscript is 82 pages long and consists of chapters one through five, eight and nine. There are no editing marks.

Sacred Clowns: Copy-edited Manuscript, including associated correspondence.

This is a copy of the copyedited manuscript and associated correspondence from Harper and Row. Interestingly this manuscript also includes a list of unconfirmed place names, style sheet, and book timeline. This manuscript has no editing marks.

Sacred Clowns: Re-edited Version of Chapters 19 and 20

This is the manuscript for the edits of chapters 19 and 20 of Sacred Clowns. The manuscript appears to have been slightly edited by Hillerman himself.

Sacred Clowns: Photocopy of 1st Edited Manuscript, with additional revisions

This is a photocopy of the first edited manuscript ofSacred Clowns with additional revisions by the book's editor. This manuscript was moderately edited and additional comments have been added for plot consistency.

Coyote Waits, assorted draft pages

This is not a full or formal draft, but is a collection of notes and assorted draft pages. The collection contains a plot synopsis, notes on plot ideas, to do lists for chapter revisions, and drafts of a couple of chapters of Coyote Waits.

The Spell of New Mexico, Drafts and Research Materials.

This document is the only draft of The Spell of New Mexico in the Tony Hillerman Papers Collection. It is actually a compilation of handwritten notes, typewritten draft sections of the book, and typed and photostat copies of newspaper and magazine articles that either served as background research material or as actual selections for chapters in the book. The typewritten draft sections have been heavily edited.

The Great Taos Bank Robbery, edited manuscript.

The Great Taos Bank Robbery, drafts.


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