Sacred Clowns: Original of 1st Manuscript, with revisions.

This is the first manuscript of Sacred Clowns with revisions. The revisions are by either Hillerman or a third party. This draft has been lightly edited for plot consistency and contains front matter.

Coyote Waits, draft

This is another draft of Coyote Waits. This draft is dated April 19, 1989 and is 240 pages long. The beginning of the draft shows fairly heavy editing with black marker and black pen while the second half is more lightly edited.

Coyote Waits, draft

This is an early draft of Coyote Waits, probably created in 1988. The draft is 151 pages long and contains very few editing marks, mostly just corrections to chapter titles.

Coyote Waits, proposal of new book

This is the proposal for the novelCoyote Waits, it contains a plot summary for the story. On the first page Hillerman notes that this proposal caused some confusion as the story changed so much as it was written that when the editor wrote the jacket copy based on this proposal, Hillerman didn't recognize it.

Talking God, correspondence

This is correspondence related to the copyediting of Talking God. It consists of two letters; one letter from the copyeditor for Talking God to Tony Hillerman and a response from Hillerman to the copyeditor.

Sacred Clowns: First Complete, Edited Draft (Titled: "The Death of Valuable Men).

This is the first complete and edited draft of Sacred Clowns. At the time of this draft the title for this novel was "The Death of Valuable Men", which foreshadows the plot of the novel. This edition is lightly edited by Hillerman and, in some cases, he includes notes to remind himself of information he wishes to add for plot for consistency. Additionally, the names of secondary characters appear to not have not been finalized in this draft.

Talking God, assorted draft pages

This manuscript is a collection of notes, outlines and drafts of a few beginning chapters. There is also a transcript of a conversation discussing competitiveness between academics, instructions on how to save a file and a page outlining the development of Hillerman's plot ideas.

Sacred Clowns: Manuscript- Chapter 27, early version.

This is an early typed draft of only Chapter 27 of Sacred Clowns. This chapter was lightly edited by Hillerman on a word processor.

Sacred Clowns: Manuscript Revisions- J,K.

This manuscript appears to be the revised versions of chapters J and K from the second draft of Sacred Clowns. This draft appears to be very lightly eddied and this editing could have been by Hillerman.

Sacred Clowns: Manuscript Revisions- J,K,L,M,N,O.

This appears to be the last six chapters (J,K,L,M,N,O) of the second draft of Sacred Clowns. This draft appears to only be lightly edited by Hillerman and was typed on a word processor. Included in the draft are three separate versions of the first page of Chapter J, each is marginally different.


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