Skinwalkers Audio Transcript

This is the transcript for the abridged version of the Skinwalkers audiobook. There is light editing for the reader. It is not available online but may be viewed in person at the Center for Southwest Research.

Talking God, Draft

This is a typed draft of 257 pages that shows some light editing and correction by the author and editor. Temporary chapter headings have been written in as well as page numbers.

Thief of Time, Research Materials for Thief of Time

This folder contains research materials for A Thief of Time. There are articles, notes and correspondence included. There is also a typed page called "Thief of time thoughts" which outlines some early story ideas.

Promotional Tour Itinerary for Skinwalkers.

These are the letters, notes and itineraries for the promotional tour of the publication of the novel, Skinwalkers. This includes correspondence with bookstores where there were signing events, as well as notes from friends and business associates and business receipts.

Correspondence regarding Skinwalkers, and Sample Book Jacket.

This folder contains letters and paper cut-outs regarding the advance reading copy of Skinwalkers. The sample book jacket for Skinwalkers is shown here, however the correspondence files are not online. Researchers who wish to view this folder should visit the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico, and request the materials in person.

Skinwalkers, Edited Manuscript and Letter from Publisher.

This appears to be the first edited typed manuscript of Skinwalkers. It was edited by both Harper & Row editors and Tony Hillerman. It includes front matter and is heavily edited.

Skinwalkers, Manuscript (Photocopy).

This is appears to be the second draft of Skinwalkers, lightly edited by Tony Hillerman. This draft was typed on a word processor.

Thief of Time, Manuscript (Photocopy)

This draft is an edited photocopy of A Thief of Time. Light edits and notes are made throughout the photocopy in ink and pencil.

Skinwalkers, Draft.

This appears to be the first draft of Skinwalkers. The editing appears to be by Tony Hillerman and appears to be light in some places and heavy in others. This draft was typed on a word processor.

The Ghostway, Manuscript of Condensed Version.

This is a condensed edition of the manuscript for Skinwalkers that was produced for the Harper & Row Select Reader series. It contains raw word processing codes and is not edited.


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