The Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico has three main pictorial collections that contain photographs of or by Tony Hillerman: The Alice Bullock Pictorial Collection (PICT 000-478), the Tony Hillerman Photograph Collection (PICT 000-501), and the Cynthia Farah Writers of the Southwest Photograph Collection (PICT 986-008). All of the photographs from these collections that reference Tony Hillerman are included here. The photos represent many major aspects of his life – as an author, journalist, professional, and outdoorsman. More information about the pictorial collections themselves can be found on the Rocky Mountain Online Archive.


Alice Bullock Pictorial Collection


Portraits -- 1970


Public Events -- No Date


Collection of Don Strel (Private)


Public Events -- No Date


Cynthia Farah Writers of the Southwest Photograph Collection


Group Photos


Portraits -- 1985


Tony Hillerman Photograph Collection


Book Signings - A Thief of Time


Public Events


Southwest Travel - Hopi


Fishing Trips


Southwest Travel - Acoma


Southwest Travel


Mystery Locales


Family Photos


News Reporter




Dark Wind Movie


World War II


Camping Trips -- No Date




Book Signing - No Date


Book Signings - A Dark Wind


Talks and Lectures


UNM Administration


Southwest Travel - Zuni Pueblo


Southwest Travel - Jemez River


Southwest Travel - Monument Valley




Book Signings -- 1982


Southwest Travel - Tyuonyi Pueblo

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